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Excursions in Sailing Boat + Trekking in the Park of the Asinara

This Formula is an absolute innovation that has met much success since its debut in the summer of 2017.

Asinara Sailing has given life to a collaboration with one of the guides exclusive the most qualified of the National Park of Asinara.

From the early stages of navigation to l'Asinara and the guide on board will accompany you on the journey, integrating the beautiful landscapes offered by nature with stories and historical nature of the Island.

An opportunity not to be missed for all those who want to deepen their knowledge onthe Asinara island that because of its history, unique and particular, has a lot to learn if.

The trekking routes are many and different between them, no one is demanding and suitable only for "experts," anyone who is accustomed to walks in the countryside can deal with them without problems, simply change the distances and height differences to be addressed during the course.

In the Southern part of the island, you can brave the shorter routes, such as the one leading to the Castellaccio , or the Path of the Granite that passes along the South-East. To the North the paths are a bit longer and the drops more effective. You will be rewarded by the efforts once arrived at destination, the Cape of Punta Excommunication and the Lighthouse of Punta Scorno, offer scenarios that cut literally your breath away.

The guide while on the route will provide you with valuable notions also on the flora and fauna of the Park.

Depending on the package chosen, lunch you can eat on board, once returned, or packed lunch during the excursion to the ground.

In the summer, usually to cope with the heat of the aim of the walks a little shorter that will make you discover the corners of the sea and the beaches possible to reach on the ground only.

This trip is ideal for groups or groups already formed, for 6-8 people. For groups more or less numerous, it will propose solutions appropiate.

Asinara Sailing to the heart, the territory of the National Park of Asinara , and recognizes the potential of having to take advantage of throughout the year.

The excursion in sailing boat + Trekking is born to seek to know the National Park of Asinara , even outside of the summer season, the best times to go hiking on the island are, in fact, those with temperatures a little milder, spring and autumn but also in winter we are sure that you will not be disappointed by what our beautiful Island has to offer.

In combination with the shifts in sailing this type of excursion is part of this eco-sustainable and eco-compatible, themes, and also these that we are particularly close to my heart.


What you need to in order to participate in this Excursion


Depending on the choices the lunch can be packed or served on board



Depending on the period you wear the suitable clothes. we always recommend that you dress in "layers"


We recommend you bring a backpack to the classic for the transport of your things.



We recommend you bring at least 1.5 liters of water to the head.


the routes are not challenging but a technical shoe or comfortable is necessary


Does not require any special physical skills, but you need a good general state of health


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