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Asinara Sailing di Giorgio Cavallini via Cala Sabina 1ª trv 1/b

07040 Stintino (SS) P.I. 02434160905

Porto di stazionamento:

Porto Turistico Marina di Stintino


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Telefono +39 3929871178                    +39 3289337848




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Exclusive hire

Personalized tour to Asinara island on a Sailing Boat


The Exclusive Hire will allow you to live fully in the freedom and the sense of adventure that only the navigation on a Sailing Boat can give.

Thanks to this solution you can enjoy the spaces of the boat, sharing them only with who you want.

The Asinara National Park and the sea of Stitino offer a wide range of choice to be able to customize the routes, by planning with the skipper, which stops to make and which coves to visit.

Asinara Sailing right from his first season has made this alternative a its point of strength, knowing how to interpret the wishes of the guests on board, and always managing to satisfy expectations.

Come meet your desires will be simple thanks to the many services that we can offer to you.

Asinara Sailing has already made special several stag and hen parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and parties related to weddings.

If your idea of a day to remember provides comfort, privacy and unique experiences the formula of the exclusive hire is what does it for you, but if you want to celebrate an event in an original way, or if you are a group of friends, this solution will satisfy you and at the end of the day you won't want to go in to port.

Contact us to find out all the details of your next Excursion on a Sailing Boat Exclusively

The formula of the Rent may require the use of services of other operators to make your experience even more fulfilling and complete.

Asinara Sailing is in fact a member of the association.Or.Asinara, an association that brings together all the operators in the National Park of Asinara.

Contact us letting us know what are your needs and we will be happy to provide the service most convenient to you.


At your exclusive Asinara rental
you could add the following services

Rental Machines Electric.

On the island there are several spots to rent a car once you land.


Rent A Bike.

The island is a paradise for bikers, and once you land you can rent a bike on site


Riding Horses

On the island there is a riding stables that organises excursions

Exclusive guide of the Park.

An expert Guide will satisfy all your curiosity and will accompany you in visits to earth

Guided off-road.

Another way to complete the discovery of the island visiting the island via land

Scuba Diving.

Excellent choice for diving enthusiasts with spot breathtaking

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