Asinara Sailing di Giorgio Cavallini via Cala Sabina 1ª trv 1/b

07040 Stintino (SS) P.I. 02434160905

Porto di stazionamento:

Porto Turistico Marina di Stintino


Telefono +39 3929871178                    +39 3289337848


Mail mojito@asinarasailing.it



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Mini-Cruises Cruises and Week-End

-from 2 to 7 Days-


Spend more days at sea on a sailing boat, you have the possibility to follow the times of the sea and nature, sailing to travel and spend the nights in the cala is one of those experiences you will never forget.

Our cruises will take you to the discovery of the sea of the North Sardinia and the National Park of the Asinara Island.

Don't need to be expert sailors or navigators to be able to do a cruise on a sailing boat, this type of holiday is suitable for all, families or groups of friends in search of adventure.

Our cruises can last from 2 to 7 days.

periods of 3 days are those that we carry out and propose the most often, with this time our advice is always to stay in the National Park of the Asinara, which, together with its Marine Protected Area offers lots of solutions, both for navigation and during the tours, both for the various choices that it offers to spend the night.

For longer cruises you will have the opportunity to plan your cruise with the skipper that taking into account the marine and weather conditions in the period of your stay we will advise the best solutions.

Apart from the Isola dell'Asinara other possible destinations are:

-Castelsardo, more or less in the centre of the coast of the Gulf of Asinara, is a charming village “perched” on a hill with a breathtaking view at the top of an ancient castle.

Arrive by sea in this picturesque country is worth the experience of the whole cruise.

-Alghero, on the North-western coast of Sardinia, a fantastic town has Spanish origins. A wealth of attractions. also in Alghero you can visit a Marine Natural Park, to Porto Conte, and being overwhelmed by the “movida” during the entire summer, keeps alive the town.

The boat has 3 double cabins with wash basin in each, a well-equipped bathroom with shower, a comfortable dinette and a practical kitchen. The outdoor areas are spacious and there is another shower.
The maximum number of persons carried on board is 6 and is recommended for a cruise of a maximum of 3 days and 2 nights, on cruises of longer periods the maximum number of guests is 4.

General information on the Cruise


Sailing boat

Beneteau Oceanis 350

Length 10.50



6x cruise 3-or - gg

4x cruise + 3 days



1 double Cabin

2 Cabins 1 square and 1/2



Mandatory soft bags. No trolley.


On board there is a single service. All cabins are equipped with washbasin private.

On board are a shower with both internal and external.


Galley the responsibility of the guests. It will be possible to make it before departure.


You will find on board the linen for the beds and to the bathroom.


There will be no fees for cleaning costs.


In cruises with stays of Asinara, the fuel will be removed from the expenses. It will be the responsibility of the guests in all other cases.

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